Monday, October 26, 2009

The Natural Curve of a Woman's Back

Erotic & Sensual Tid-Bits for Life!

When a man instinctively places his hand on a woman’s lower back it can be one of the most erotic and romantic moments. You are out on a date walking down the street as you make your way to your destination. He places his hand at the area of your lower back where your back has a natural curve that merges into your hips and glut muscles, while opening the door for you; a warm sensation takes over your body; your feminine essence awakens and pronounces your sensual womanness. Moments of comfort and protectiveness pervades your consciousness as you take a deeper breathe and relax into the escalating sexual energies swirling from your core out into every direction of your body.

Your lover reaches to draw you into him, placing his hands at the natural curve of your lower back. He uses the strength of his arm to turn you over or adjust your body during love making; eyes locked in a gaze, his lips make their way to yours. A tingling ambiance takes over the moment while your aura blends with his; an ecstatic flicker ignites the passion, nothing else matters during the flame of this kiss that heats you up from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. You are on fire! And while these moments are some of the joys of intimacy they also bring powerful moments of healing and restoration to the health and well being of your body.

The curve of the lower back is where the kidneys - and adrenal glands which sit right on top of each of them - are. The kidneys are also the storehouse of our fears and are associated with the water element in Chinese Medicine. The chi-flow clock makes the hours of 5pm – 7pm the dominant time for the kidneys. It’s also the end of a long work and school day when you make your way through traffic or the mad rush to get home. It's no wonder many return home after a long day - beat and in no mood for love making. The kidneys and adrenal glands are drained and they are dehydrated. Drink plenty of water during the day (especially during these hours) to ready you for evening intimacy. The low energy period of the kidneys is twelve hours later between 5am & 7am - drink plenty water. If you have a weak kidney then this will be revealed during that low peak time. Ever wake up in the morning with pain in your lower back?

The water element also relates to the sex organs and the sexual functions of the body, ruling over the genital and reproductive organs, the urethral and anal orifices. An excess of sex and resulting congestion, as well as the lack of expression of sexual energy may affect the kidneys and the balance of the water element in the body. Healthy sexual relations require giving and receiving, or yang and yin, of both partners.

Swimming together can be healing. While immersed in water take turns gently holding the curve of the lower back bouncing your partner rhythmically up and down in the body of water. What is considered doggy style can also bring healing love to the kidneys when the man holds you at the curve of your lower back while penetrating your love canal. It's the energy in the hands that penetrate the area covered. So if they are loving and gentle you'll know the difference. These are powerful exercises for releasing fear, cleansing the body, strengthening willpower and invigorating the kidneys. Try doing doggy style or back door while in the bath tub.

The kidneys are perceived as storing the energy of the life force itself – our sexual/creative energies. They are related to birth, life and death – the cycle of transformation. So drinking lots of natural liquids and getting a lot of french kisses are essential for nourishing and cleansing the kidneys while keeping the sexual energies balanced and flowing with life!

“The kidneys are like the officials who do energetic work and they excel through their ability and cleverness” Nei Ching

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